Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are becoming a craze these days as they provide the benefit of authority and authenticity of issuance and lifecycle of an asset. Issuing these NFTs on top of Algorand provides the higher speed, low cost and easy traceability for the parties involved with the digital asset.

In this solution, we are bringing Channel Manager, as a medium to issue and digitise NFTs, provide custodial solution by mapping each user to a mobile number, perform commerce like Buy, Sell, Re-sell and Send. …

Bitcoin (Nakamoto) blockchain cannot refer to the event occurring in another blockchain. This can happen by extending Bitcoin’s transaction script language to have the validation and consensus rules of another blockchain encoded in the script of the Bitcoin blockchain. This update will need a lot of effort in building the Script language and for the miners of bitcoin
to check and validate every other blockchain.

Sidechains are proposed by Adam Back, which presents the separate blockchain termed as child blockchain, having its Genesis block and consensus mechanism, which is connected to the parent blockchain through the use of two-way peg…

Bitcoin is a decentralised blockchain, which does peer to peer electronic transaction without the need for a centralised trusted parties like Banks or Visa network, to authorise, verify and settle the transaction.

Satoshi Nakamoto with Bitcoin (Nakamoto) brought a system where two parties can execute and validate a transaction without the need for a trusted third party. This is a revolutionary milestone which through the technology known a blockchain brings trust in the system without trusting a centralised entity, which may become fraudulent.

The blockchain is a decentralised ledger technology which maintains the history of the records intact using cryptographic…

The blockchain is said to be eliminating the central point of failure, changing the government operations, nature of democracy and achieving trust in this centralised world. Here we will be looking at blockchain from different design principles, their movement in solving the problems from digital payment to governance and building a stable platform of trust, acting as a backbone of the new internet. Starting from the revolutionary work from the unknown entity named as Satoshi Nakamoto who brought blockchain technology into existence through bitcoin, to how bitcoin is bringing digital cash over IP. …

Akshay Kant

University of Edinburgh | Blockchain | Artificial Intelligence | Payments

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